232skin: Egozy.Mendoza (Pale).SOFT – Nicole Button
Lips and brows: THESKINSHOP – Skins
Eyes: “tSg” Realize – Elfie Sugarplum
Beautymarks : Nox – Olyvia Stratten
Hair and hairbase: !Ohmai : Hair Base [Olive] – Anya Ohmai
Dress: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Basic Maxi[Nude] – Fashionboi Landar
Scale corset: + Dragon Scale Corset Pale Gold + S {aii} – Princessaii ( 6th of april @ The Secret Affair)
Pauldrons: May’s soul, muse Pauldron – May Tolsen
Flying dragon: 22769 ~ [accessories] Shoulder Dragon – Manuel Ormidale
Belt: . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Belt- S – Druunah Esharman ( 6th of april @ The Secret Affair)
bangle: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangle L – Deccan Arida
Hands, feet and sandals: Slink – Siddean Munro


4 gedachtes over “232

  1. you really are amazing, making such a light set of clothes look good, I like it a lot, thank you for the share! Ps. I hope you are doing good!

      • Been working a lot, I made a promotion, with it came extra tasks, so I am not online as much as I used too, but I am still the ragbal you remember, when we last met, and more possesive as ever! What about you? I have my eyes open, ears perked, but I don’t see you as much as I used too, and more importantly! ❤ what about lov3?

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