208Mainly preview items for The Fantasy collective, starts 20th of january. Slurls can be found on the slurl page.

Skin: Daph from ITgirls – Annie Joliefaunt
Eye make up: Chloe from Itgirls – Annie Jolifaunt
Freckles: BS facial moles – Niki Elan
Brow: Cool brows and Jetset lips – Skinmaker
Lips: THESKINSHOP – skinmakerbackup
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open – Hart Larsson
Eyes: Realize eyes by TSG – Elfie Sugarplum
Hair 1: Shermie Black // GM Hairstyles – Charles Lacrima
Hair 2: (epoque hair) Tied Up – ziekling.bunnyhug
Sleeves and bracers: .Enfant Terrible.  – leenfantterrible
Dress: Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown – Onyx LeShelle ( @ collabor88)
Headband round and belt: .Luminary. Perdita Chain Circlet – Augurer (soon @ Fantasy Collective )
Necklace blue: ::DD::. Tory Necklace – Silver – Distortedreams (soon @ Fantasy Collective )
Necklace silver: .::DT::. Perfumer Necklace – Distorteddreams (soon @ Fantasy Collective)
Shoulderfur: Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders – Fashionboi Landar (freebie)
Vest: May’s Soul Vest fur – May Tolsen  (soon @ Fantasy Collective )
Hands: Slink – Siddean Munro
Rings: Lagyo and Uzuri
Poses: Captivity Co. – Light Warrior [Boxed] –  (amanda.randall) (soon @ Fantasy Collective)
Staff:  .::Kre-ations::. {Mikuru Rod} – kreao.kujisawa (soon @ Fantasy Collective)
Collar: ~Soedara~ Martabat Kerah Collar  – Marbella Pronovost


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