195Skin: Kiki from ITgirls – Annie Joliefaunt
Brow & lips: Cool brows and Jetset lips – Skinmaker
Freckles: -UtopiaH- It’s Cold outside Makeup – Petiita Blackbart (@ FROST)
Eyes: Realize eyes from TSG – Elfie Sugarplum
Hairbase: HB black from Likeli – Likeli Resident
Necklace green: KOSH- TRICOS NECKLACE [sea] – Lynaja Bade (@ FROST)
Snake harness: May’s Soul – May Tolsen ( @ Gorean Room)
Shoulderfur: Part of Raindraa outfit from B@R – June Dion
Undershirt and black shoulderpads: Sequin dress by Paper Couture – Ava Lu
Corset: Leather shape corset from Ison – Harry Hyx
Skirt: Lady Mistletoe Skirt from Junbug – Juno Mantel (@ Genre)
Gloves: …::: Scrub :::… Bad Reputation – Ramon Jonstone (@ FROST)

Since some people requested that I use slurls, I will try. I’ve never done it, because I think it is quite the hassle, to make them, for every single shop in your credits. But from now on, i’ll be adding a few, each post to a slurl page, so you can find the ones you need there in time. https://terava.wordpress.com/slurls/


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