Blogger Challenge: Go Meshless

Go Meshless copyI don’t usually write something on this blog. However this is something that I’ve been playing with in my head. I’m sure it has been done before (eventhough I haven’t seen it), but here it is. My first blogger challenge! It’s a rather simple one actually. But it turned out much more difficult than I expected, because I had trouble finding my non mesh items (hair!) in my inventory. The rules are simple:

One outfit, no mesh allowed and tag 3 others!

I tagged:

Arica Storaro

Jilsun Beverly

KaraLee Aeon

It is meant to be for fun!! Though, it would be nice if you could name/link the three people you tag in your points ( and maybe the one that tagged you! ) So, have fun with it, and I’m curious to see the outcome!

❤ Tera


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